For artists and labels

Whether you are an artist, chamber group, orchestra or label with back catalog recordings, you can partner with Oclassica. We license audio recordings to release professionally curated compilations and artist’s solo albums.

License your track for compilations and get more streams

Compilation album is a great way to increase the number of streams. We can put your recordings into unlimited number of compilation albums. In most cases the greater revenue for artists is derived from the number of streams. The more compilation albums contain artist’s track, the more revenue. This also will expose your recording to a wider audience and increase your  visibility as an artist.

Release your recordings on a label

We will prepare your solo album for a release. The release process includes many stages: signing a licensing agreement, metadata editing, assigning ISRCs and UPC/EAN-13 codes, creating suitable cover art and delivering album to music services worldwide including Apple Music, Spotify, Youtube Music, Google Play, Yandex Music, Tidal and etc.

Great cover artwork design is crucial for the digital space. Album artwork should look clear and attractive in thumbnail size as well. Oclassica designers has a knowledge and expertise in designing of album cover artworks for the digital market.

Specifications for digital audio recordings

Please submit high resolution audio when available. There is no a single standard for high resolution audio formats but we recommend to make audio recordings in two most commonly used formats: 24 bit / 96 kHz (3.2 better compared to the CD) and 24 bits / 192 kHz (6.5 times better compared to the CD). Modern studio equipment usually supports these formats. The minimum acceptable quality of audio files corresponds to the usual audio CD quality: 16 bit / 44.1kHz.

At glance

Your music released on a label
You keep 100% of rights
Compilation albums increase number of streams
Free ISRCs, UPC codes
Genres: Classical, Classical Crossover, Jazz, Instrumental Pop Music

Contact Oclassica

Please send to a track list along with a link to preview and your biography. 

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