Digital Music: FAQ

What is FLAC-file format?

A .FLAC file is a file which contains audio samples compressed with the FLAC audio encoding algorithm, which is a very good, open source, lossless, audio codec.

How to listen to FLAC-files purchased from the Oclassica?

There are a number of iOS and Android apps which support FLAC-file format and high-resolution audio so you can enjoy high-quality sound on you mobile device. There are a large number of various devices supporting the FLAC format and high-resolution audio. Here is a list of brands that offer devices supporting the FLAC format:

What apps support FLAC format?

Where are a plenty choice of apps for mobile devices and computers that support FLAC format. Check your App Store on iOS and Mac OS or Google Play Market for Android devices.

Here is a list of apps we like:

iOS: VOX Player, FLAC Player, FLAC Player+
Mac OS: VOX Player, VLC media player

Is it possible to burn audio CD from FLAC-files?


Software: Fluke + Burn (Tip: Install Fluke first and then use Burn), Any Musics To CD, Nero, AnyBurn, CDBurnerXP.

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