Vashon Center for the Arts is renowned for its annual Piano Fete, taking place on July 5-8, 2023 in Kay White Hall. Curated by the renowned pianist Vyacheslav Gryaznov, this four-day series showcases the talents of exceptional pianists.

In anticipation of the Piano Fete, The Beachcomber presented a series of interviews with the participating pianists. Michael Tracy, a respected musicologist and advisor for VCA’s classical music programs, engaged in a conversation with the Oclassica artist Katya Kramer-Lapin

Katya Kramer-Lapin
Katya Kramer-Lapin. Photo © Yulia Abitbul

During the interview, as Kramer-Lapin discussed her ideal solo performance program for the season, she underscored the significance of forging a meaningful connection with her audience. Expressing her enthusiasm for her collaboration with Oclassica, an innovative classical music record label renowned for its data-driven approach, Katya highlighted how this partnership allowed her to analyze listeners’ preferences, fostering a more immediate connection with her audience.

Reflecting on the impact of her collaboration with Oclassica, Katya remarked, “Once I had an audience member come up to me and said that she loved my concert because it was just like her playlist. For me, an ideal concert is when I reach my audience in this manner. This has been made easier through my fortunate partnership with Oclassica, an innovative classical music record label renowned for its data-driven approach. By carefully analyzing listeners’ preferences, Oclassica provides valuable insights and repertoire suggestions. Collaborating with Oclassica enables me to establish a more immediate connection with my audience.”

Offering a glimpse into the captivating program awaiting the audience at July’s Piano Fete, Kramer-Lapin expressed her excitement about presenting three extraordinary piano transcriptions. These transcriptions, originally composed by Glinka, Tchaikovsky, and Ravel, were masterfully arranged for piano by Vyacheslav Gryaznov. The collaborative spirit among these exceptional pianists ensured an unforgettable experience for the audience at the Vashon Piano Fete 2023.