About the label

Licensing talents since 2010

Oclassica is a digital-only classical music label. Founded in 2010, Oclassica has been in the recording market just long enough to establish a good reputation and become a desired publisher name for young and renowned musicians. Compared to the traditional business model of a music label, Oclassica licenses existing audio tracks from recording owners—artists and partner labels—to produce products for the digital market. Many outstanding artists were first presented to the market by Oclassica. We are open for cooperation with new artists and owners of master recordings.

Oclassica is a data-driven company. We research how people interact with music in a digital space and create products that meet the demand of a wide audience of listeners to help them to discover the world of classical music. Data-driven marketing, Big Data, UX, SEO—we apply cutting-edge methodologies to produce classical music albums.

Music would not exist without the people, places, and cultures involved in its creation and performance. Oclassica has a strong commitment to diversity, equality and inclusion.

Our offices are in Riga, Latvia and Tallinn, Estonia.

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