Whether you are an artist, a chamber music group, an orchestra, or a label with back catalog recordings, you can collaborate with Oclassica. We license classical music audio recordings to produce professionally curated compilations and introduce new and talented artists to the global audience.

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Release album on the label

We have been providing artists with our expertise as a label for over 10 years. We design cover artwork, release recordings and distribute it on all major music services such as Apple Music, Spotify, YouTube, Amazon and many others. The publishing process involves many steps: signing a licensing agreement, editing metadata, assigning ISRCs and UPC/EAN-13 codes, creating appropriate cover artwork, and distributing the album to music services worldwide.

More streams

Get promoted with compilations

Gain exposure on numerous compilation albums to broaden your audience reach. Releasing your tracks in compilation albums is an effective strategy to boost stream numbers and connect with a global audience. We have the capability to feature your suitable tracks in an extensive array of compilation albums. Typically, artists experience increased revenue from streams on compilation albums. The more compilation albums featuring your tracks, the greater your potential earnings.

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”By carefully analyzing listeners’ preferences, Oclassica provides valuable insights and repertoire suggestions. Collaborating with Oclassica enables me to establish a more immediate connection with my audience.”

Katya Kramer-Lapin

Katya Kramer-Lapin

Oclassica artist

Your music released on the label.

Compilation albums increase the number of streams for your tracks.

You keep control of your work and 100% of the rights.

Cover artwork designed by the label.

Free ISRCs, album UPC/EAN-13 codes.

Album landing page with links to music services for sharing on social media.

Artist promo page on the Oclassica website with photo, bio and released albums.

Access to the label's expertise and advice.

Do you need a label to release an album?

Yes and no. Record labels used to be the gatekeepers of the music industry. That made it almost mandatory to seek A&R if you wanted to release your music. With so many online distributors, often referred to as aggregators, the fastest and easiest way to get your music out on music streaming platforms is undoubtedly self-publishing.

A successful release is not just about throwing your music on the streaming platforms and hoping for the best. You need to make the audience aware of your music. 

Oclassica can help you make your music visible to the audience. We can put your tracks into dozens of different compilation albums. The more compilation albums that contain your track, the more streams and listeners you will get. Self-publishing with digital distributors does not offer this opportunity.

What repertoire do we accept to release on the label?

Oclassica is a data-driven music record label. This means that we rely on data and research to determine what repertoire is most in demand on music streaming services. We work with classical music, classical crossover, and various instrumental music. If you are only planning to record an album, we recommend that you contact us with demo recordings. Then together we can choose the right repertoire for your planned album. If you already have a professional quality recording, we would be happy to consider it for release and give you our feedback.


How to release an album

Record labels with back catalogs and artists who own master rights for their recordings.

We will get your music into Spotify, Apple Music, Amazon, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Tidal, Deezer, plus a ton of other stores and streaming services.

We suggest to submit audio recordings of high resolution sound quality. There is no single standard for high-resolution audio formats, but we recommend recording audio in the two most commonly used formats: WAV 24-bit / 96 kHz (3.2 times better than CD) and WAV 24-bit / 192 kHz (6.5 times better than CD). Modern studio equipment usually supports these formats. The minimum acceptable quality of audio files corresponds to the usual quality of CD: WAV 16 bit / 44.1kHz.

In general we work with instrumental solo and orchestral music of classical genre.

We can increase the visibility of artists by including their tracks in dozens of compilations and increase the audience reach for the artists' tracks. Artists also benefit from the label's expertise.

We can bring your music catalog back to light by increasing its value and revenue through bespoke compilation products.

Contact the label

Recordings submission

We appreciate your interest in submitting your recordings for consideration by our record label. Please provide a secure and accessible link to the cloud service (e.g., Dropbox, Google Drive) containing the recordings you wish to submit. Ensure that the audio files are appropriately labeled for easy identification and meet the following technical specifications: lossless formats (WAV or AIFF) with a minimum of 24-bit/48kHz.

Please email your cloud service link with a brief information about yourself to: [email protected]

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