Oclassica, a digital-only classical music record label, operates its own state-of-the-art studio to deliver exceptional classical music mixing and mastering services. Our team of experienced engineers is dedicated to ensuring that your classical tracks reach their full potential, both in terms of balanced mixing and the highest quality mastering, creating a harmonious and polished final product, ready for delivery to music streaming platforms.


Mixing classical music recording is a crucial step in the post-production process that involves blending and balancing individual audio tracks to create a cohesive and sonically pleasing final recording. This process is essential for ensuring that all the elements in a classical music piece come together harmoniously.


Classical music mastering is the final stage in the post-production process of a classical music recording. In essence, classical music mastering adds the final polish to a recording, optimizing its sonic quality. It involves a series of technical and creative steps performed by a mastering engineer to prepare the recorded tracks for distribution to digtal music platforms.

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