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Oclassica is a European digital-only independent classical music record label. Founded in 2010, Oclassica has been in the market of classical music just long enough to establish a good reputation and become a desired publisher name for young and experienced musicians.

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We discover new talents and present their recordings to classical music lovers. Are you classical music performer? We can earn money for you!

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We learn from data how people are actually searching for music they like and create products that helps them to find the right music.

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Albinoni Bach Balakirev Beethoven Bellini Boccherini Borne Brahms Castelnuovo-Tedesco Chopin Debussy Fauré Franck Granados Handel Haydn Herz Kalkbrenner Liszt Lovreglio Matitia Mendelssohn Mozart Mussorgsky Nazaykinskaya Piazzolla Prokofiev Rachmaninoff Rachmaninov Rameau Ravel Rodrigo Rossini Rozenblatt Schubert Schumann Scriabin Shostakovich Strauss Taneyev Tchaikovsky Thalberg Vivaldi Webber Weber

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Tchaikovsky: Meditation Op. 72 No. 5 – Misha Fomin live at The Concertgebouw, Main Hall, Amsterdam, 2016.

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Nothern Art by Semen Lukansi

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Denis Shapovalov Masterclass

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