Oclassica is a digital-only classical music record label.

We license audio tracks from recording owners, including artists and partner labels, to produce refined products for the global digital music market.

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Classical music albums

Oclassica proudly introduces emerging talents to the classical music audience, presenting recordings that showcase our commitment to artistic excellence and perfection.

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Compilation albums

Influenced by data and curated by music editors, we produce compilation albums tailored to the preferences of diverse listeners, serving as a gateway for their exploration into the world of classical music.

Music Education

Playing Piano with Katya Kramer-Lapin

Learn how to play famous pieces of classical music with our new educational series.

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News & Updates

05 Jul, 2023

Katya Kramer-Lapin discusses the impact of her collaboration with Oclassica in interview ahead of the Piano Fete festival

17 Apr, 2023

Site-Specific Dances’ performance premiere in New York City presents a stunning vision of the future of collaborative arts

24 Oct, 2022

Rachmaninoff, Blood, and Roaring Ovations at Lincoln Center

09 Jul, 2020

Celebrating 10 Years Anniversary