Our artist and label services help independent artists succeed, expand their knowledge and develop their careers for the long term. We work with artists to provide a comprehensive range of services including global digital distribution, strategic consultancy, offline and online marketing and much more. Our portfolio includes artist image development, online presence development and social media consultancy. Below you will find an overview of our services. You can choose a single service or sign up for a 360° artist contract. We have experts for every challenge.

Artist consultancy services

Access the label’s expertise. Get advice on best practices related to artist presence on social media and streaming platforms, including repertoire recommendations, website design and strategic advice to help you achieve your long-term career goals and grow your audience.

Worldwide distribution

We can prepare your release–assign ISRC and UPC codes, correct metadata according to music service guidelines, and deliver your music to Spotify, Apple Music, Amazon, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Tidal, Deezer, and a variety of other music shops and streaming platforms.

Album artwork design

Trendy design, clear thumbnail view and full compliance with the requirements of music services—an attractive album cover is an important tool to get your fans excited about your music. We can design the artwork of your album to suit the digital music market and meet the requirements of the music services.

Audio recording editing and mastering

A good listening experience is directly related to user engagement with your music and the resulting number of streams. Audio that was produced some time ago often needs to be enhanced to provide a better listening experience in music services. Our audio engineers can make the necessary changes to your recording to improve the sound quality and make the necessary edits. Send us a link to your master recording and find out how we can help.

“Link in bio” page

Oclassica provides artists with an effective tool to share your music on social media, turn followers into customers and track statistics. With our album landing pages, you can analyse your audience and keep them engaged. We configure and create landing pages for each album released by Oclassica and provide you with an advanced analytics tool based on Matomo.

Artist page

Artist promo page on the Oclassica website with photo, bio and released albums. If you don’t have a website, this is can be a central place to connect with your audience.