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The duo of Vitaly Vatulya (saxophone) and Maria Nemtsova (piano) is recognized as one of the most interesting ensembles performing in the chamber music world today. The rare combination of saxophone and piano was formed in 2006 when the duo won the first prize at a prestigious festival in Moscow.

Later, they founded the famous “Music – for Peace” project, a charitable musical initiative with the mission to benefit young musicians living in today’s conflict zones. The Music – for Peace project uses the convening power of music as a vehicle to maximize the benefits of international and cross-cultural contacts among youth and young adult populations. Through music, Music – for Peace seeks to bring together individuals from all backgrounds and social statuses in a relaxed and natural environment.

Constantly searching for new music, arrangements, and different directions in the classical saxophone repertoire, they have performed in more than 50 cities around the world, including Moscow (Russia), Tel Aviv (Israel), Prague (Czech Republic), Tbilisi (Georgia), Vienna (Austria), and Belgrade (Serbia).

Maria, as an individual soloist, has given concerts all over the world and is a laureate of many international piano competitions. She has performed in such halls as Carnegie Hall (New York), Wigmore Hall (London), the National Center of Performing Arts in Beijing, and the Shanghai Oriental Arts Center.

Vitaly is the winner of more than 15 prestigious international competitions. He has performed in the Moscow International House of Music and Great Conservatoire Hall, the Philharmonic Concert Hall in Vilnius, Bruckner House in Linz, and others. He has been the soprano chair at the renowned Amstel Saxophone Quartet since 2022.

The duo’s first album was recorded for the Oclassica record label in 2012.

Wenneke Savenije, an author for “De Nieuwe Muze” magazine, named the duo the “Golden Duo” after their recital in Amsterdam in 2022.

The Tunisian magazine Le Temps said after one of their performances: “The duo plunges the audience into shock with their virtuosity, ensemble quality, and a breath for two; the two artists have offered a moment of pure pleasure where the emphasis was on the encounter between the past and the present through compositions that struggled for power and beauty.” (R. Medelgi)

The duo has performed and lectured throughout Europe, including appearances at such festivals as Slavic Spring in Prague, Primavera Classic (Moscow), SaxArte (Italy), Autumn in Carthage in Tunis, International Rachmaninov Festival in Tambov (Russia), Richter’s Festival in Tarussa, and A Tempo (Montenegro).

Their second album, “XX Century Sax,” was released in 2015, the same year they won the first prize at the International Chamber Music Competition “Marco Fiorindo” in Italy. In 2017, Vitaly and Maria founded the international festival of contemporary music Re:Formers Fest, whose aim is to present rare musical masterpieces to the audience.

The duo has a diverse collection of classical and contemporary masterpieces of chamber music in its repertoire, providing a new and exciting experience for the audience.

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