The CD is dead. Why do music critics still write reviews only about classical music released on CD?

Critics write CD reviews

Music critics continue to write reviews about the albums released only on CDs while the format itself is almost dead. Why? The short answer is ‘I like CDs’.

Yesterday we had a conversation with one of the renowned critics in the classical music world. He is regularly posting photos of CD cases of albums that he is currently listening to for a review. We asked him why he prefers only CD releases when sales of physical releases continue to drop. We quote his reply anonymously:

“Some because else they’d get nothing else out of it. Some because they are old and not set up for aether-music. I, because I like the physical product and without that manifestation an album would never get my attention or time. Mammy reasons, probably;  you’d have to make a wider-ranging survey.”

“There’s still so much physical product out there, though, and it won’t go away in our lifetime. Too many collectors are emotionally invested. And in classical music the physical CD has taken the place of a nice business card. Haptic still has a hold over us.”

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