Sergey Bryukhno  -  Composer, Producer, Violist

Sergey Bryukhno

Composer, Producer, Violist

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Albums by Sergey Bryukhno

The New Life

Sergey Bryukhno,

Sergey Bryukhno: Untitled Yet

Katya Kramer-Lapin, Sergey Bryukhno,

Carol of the Bells

Sergey Bryukhno,

Sergey Bryukhno: Sonnet in C Major

Sergey Bryukhno,

Bach: Air on the G String

Sergey Bryukhno,


Sergey Bryukhno,

Sergey Bryukhno: Hope

Sergey Bryukhno, Katya Kramer-Lapin,


Sergey Bryukhno,

Passing Through the Memories

Sergey Bryukhno,

Let Go of the Past and Sleep Calm

Sergey Bryukhno,

Sonnet in E-Flat Major

Sergey Bryukhno,


Sergey Bryukhno is a composer, violist and music producer based in Estonia. His works encompass compositions for piano, viola, and orchestra, characterized by a unique fusion of romantic melodism and the structured logic of baroque musical form.

An accomplished viola performer, Sergey gained acclaim for his recording of Bach’s Cello Suite, featured in a film selected for the prestigious 2018 Cannes Film Festival. His one of the latest compositions, Hope, a reflective piano piece, delves into the emotional landscape inspired by the tragic events in Ukraine.

Academically, Sergey received classical training at the Russian Gnessins Academy in Moscow, specializing in viola under the mentorship of Professors Alexandra Frantseva and Vyacheslav Trushin. Further enriching his musical expertise, he engaged in quartet studies with Prof. Valentin Berlinsky, a lifelong member of the Borodin Quartet.

Sergey Bryukhno’s musical journey is an exploration of genres and emotions, where his compositions weave a narrative that resonates with audiences worldwide.

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