Debussy: Clair de lune – Video Lesson
Trailer Debussy: Clair de lune

Debussy: Clair de lune

Watch this video lesson with Katya Kramer-Lapin, where she reveals essential tips to completely transform your interpretation. She provides easy-to-follow guidance and patterns that will take your creative journey to a whole new level. Katya is your trusted partner on this learning adventure, and you can try it out for yourself. Stay tuned for more videos to come!


Meet the instructor Katya Kramer-Lapin

Debussy: Clair de lune

Katya Kramer-Lapin is an American concert pianist, educator, and recording artist for the Oclassica label. Katya is currently active as a solo and chamber music pianist. Her recent and upcoming solo appearances include various festivals, concerts, and music performances in major halls in Europe, East Asia, and the United States. Katya is a dedicated piano educator with 20 years of experience teaching piano skills and techniques, music theory, aural skills and other music education programmes for all ages and levels.


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Video Lesson Debussy: Clair de lune


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